Never Knowing

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Published by: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: May 22, 2012
ISBN13: 978-0312595685
Pages: 416



All her life, Sara Gallagher has wondered about her birth parents. As an adopted child with two sisters who were born naturally to her parents, Sara’s home life was not ideal. The question of why she was given up for adoption has always haunted her. Finally, she is ready to take steps and find closure.

But some questions are better left unanswered.

After months of research, Sara locates her birth mother—only to be met with horror and rejection. Then she discovers the devastating truth: her mother was the only victim ever to escape a killer who has been hunting women every summer for decades. But Sara soon realizes the only thing worse than finding out about her father is him finding out about her.

What if murder is in your blood?

Never Knowing is a complex and compelling portrayal of one woman’s quest to understand herself, her origins, and her family. That is, if she can survive.

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Nominated for a 2011 Goodreads Choice Award

“Stevens’s unnerving stand-alone thriller about a woman’s search for her birth parents matches the intensity of her impressive debut, Still Missing.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Finely calculated in its escalating suspense….”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A knockout, starting strong and finishing even stronger.”
RT Reviews

“A riveting read…”
Chatelaine Magazine 

“Stevens takes us on a wild ride in this action-packed book.”

–The Globe and Mail ( Canada)

“The action is nonstop and the story flows without a bump.”

–Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Block off the weekend, grab a comfy seat and prepare for the rocket ride of your life! Never Knowing will consume you with the desire to read every page, gasp at every twist and know every last secret between one woman and her serial killer father.”
Lisa Gardener, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A terrifying, chilling scenario that unfolds into a nightmare and had me keeping the light on at night.”
—Rosamund Lupton, bestselling author of Sister

Never Knowing is a chilling thriller with enough twists and turns so every time I thought I knew where it was going I was taken somewhere else. I have a feeling that Chevy Stevens is an author who is going to keep getting better and better with each book! I hope I’m still around for the next six — at which point she’ll probably give me a heart attack. But what a great way to go out!”
Lois Duncan, author of I Know What You Did Last Summer

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Never Knowing was inspired by a conversation I had with my editor about what it would feel like if you were adopted, to find out that your birth father was an infamous serial killer who had never been caught. I’d heard about a horrific crime in Wells Gray Park that occurred years ago and was still haunted by the image of this lonely provincial park and the brutal murder. I started thinking about all the remote parks across BC and the terrible things that could happen in them. I wanted to show that even in this day and age of cell phones and advance technology there are still areas in the world where if someone is savvy, they can elude the police for a long time. The story grew from there.