Dark Roads

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Published by: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: August 3, 2021




For decades, people have been warned about the Cold Creek Highway. Hitchhikers have vanished along it over the years, and women have been known to have their cars break down... and never be seen again. When Hailey McBride decides to run away from an unbearable living situation, she thinks that her outdoor skills will help her disappear into the Cold Creek wilderness, and she counts on people thinking that she was the victim of the killer.

One year later, Beth Chevalier arrives in Cold Creek to attend a memorial for the victims of the highway, but it might as well be one week for the amount of pain that Beth is still dealing with after her sister, Amber, was murdered the previous summer. Beth has quit university, is lying to her parents, and popping pills like Tic Tacs. Maybe this will finally bring her peace.

When Beth gets a job at a local diner where Amber once worked, she connects with people who knew her. Beth wants to find who killed her sister and put her own life back together, but as she gets closer to the truth, she learns that there is more than one person lying in Cold Creek.

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“Aptly named, DARK ROADS is deep, dark, and unsettling. From the opening page, it’s clear you’re in the hands of a master storyteller. The missing, the dead, those left behind, the ones who know what's happened, all explode onto the page. With brilliant characterizations, tight plotting, and a setting bound to give you chills, this is Steven's finest book to date. A tour de force mystery you do not want to miss."

—J.T. Ellison, NYT bestselling author of HER DARK LIES



"My favorite Chevy Stevens book since STILL MISSING. Stevens reliably creates complex, resilient female characters, and Hailey and Beth - whose lives collide in DARK ROADS - are utterly compelling. The suspense builds with every page, and the ending is a complete shocker."

--Sarah Pekkanen, NYT bestselling author of YOU ARE NOT ALONE

“Chevy Stevens is a brilliant and unique talent and DARK ROADS is an instant classic.  My hat’s off to her.”


— C.J. Box, #1 NYT Best Selling Author of LONG RANGE


"Chevy Stevens is back and better than ever with a grisly tale that will make you think twice before driving down any deserted highways at night. DARK ROADS is a chilling, pulse-pounding thriller that also tugs at the heartstrings. It's everything you've come to love from a master of the psych thriller genre!"


-Mary Kubica, NYT bestselling author of THE OTHER MRS.